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Bird Houses & Nesting Boxes

Bird houses (also called nesting boxes) can be a very welcome addition to your garden or backyard.  In the spring and summer, birds may use the nesting box that you provide as a place to build their nest and raise their young.  In the cold winter months, the birds in your area may use the nesting box as a place to roost and stay warm.  The best nesting boxes for you are those that have an appropriate sized hole and interior dimensions for the bird you are trying to attract, can open up for easy interior cleaning in between uses, and are constructed with quality materials that can withstand exposure to the elements year-round.  While it seems intuitive that a bird house should come with a perch, birds do not actually need them to enter and exit the box, and they may actually harm your bird guests by making it easier for predators to get a hold.  Also be sure to mount or hang your nesting box away from the traffic generated by your feeders and bird baths, after all, the birds who call the nesting box home will appreciate the privacy.  For more information about the proper nesting box size for the birds in your area, please click here.

Nesting material can be purchased, or you can provide your own nesting materials for birds to use to build their nests. To purchase nesting material, or for more information on the materials that you can provide for your bird guests, click here.