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Bird Baths

Over the last few months you’ve added several bird feeders to your yard, and filled them with a mixture of black-oil sunflower seeds and white Proso millet that the birds in your area find irresistible.  But something is still missing!  A bird bath is one of the best ways to increase both the number and variety of birds visiting your backyard oasis, regardless of where you live or the season.  While not every bird in your area may be interested in the delicious buffet you have provided, every bird requires fresh water.  Along with providing clean water for hydration, bird baths and fountains provide birds with the water that they need to properly preen their feathers – a necessary behavior for birds in order to regulate their temperature, fly efficiently, remove disease carrying parasites, and attract a mate.  Click on the link below to learn more about the different types of bird baths, where to place them, and how to maintain them to keep the birds visiting your yard all year long.

Bird Bath Basics